Wednesday, 24 May 2017

This Crazy New Love

So...they say you never know love until you have your own children. Holy shit balls they are right! Wow, I don't know what to do with these new emotions I have! Every time I look at my little bubba girl Eva my heart just fills with so much love and pride! Then she learns something new and I think I can't possibly love her anymore but yep there is still room for more love!

The day I brought her a jolly jumper I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest! Watching the power in her little legs and the excitement on her face is something I will never ever forget!  But then there's the first time she aced tummy time, or rolled over, or sat unassisted, or smiled and giggled. Then just yesterday she crawled for the first time! How babies little brains teach them to use muscles all by themselves is so clever!

I also notice that when Eva is around other babies she picks up what they are doing and tries to learn herself! She is such a smarty pants :)

Becoming a mummy has been the most amazing thing I could ever wish for! Yes it's hard in the beginning, the feeling rough and the aches and pains of pregnancy. Then there is the birth which hurts like hell! But once you get that little person that you, YOU and the person you love created in your hands, you forget the pain and how much your body has been through you just stare at this incredible human being that is looking at you with so much love!

Our bodies are amazing! How we manage grow organs and bones and beautiful babies in just 9 months! And how our belly deals with getting far to big and your back has to handle so much stress, but yet you can do it!

Than there is the wonderful bond and power of breastfeeding! Yes it hurts in the beginning (I'm not sure my nipples with ever forgive me lol) but once you get a routine, those moments are so special! And clever (again) If Eva is sick her saliva on my nipples sends signals to my brain to tell my milk she needs this nutrition or that vitamin to make her better! Amazing!

So all you first time mummies to be who are freaking out about the birth or being mummies, once that baby is here none of it matters, because all you will survive off is this crazy new love!

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