Sunday, 11 June 2017

Family Time

When I was pregnant one of things people used to say to me was 'your life is over now you have a child on the way' To which I would respond 'No I'm just starting a brand new chapter'
This brand new chapter is my favourite yet! Yes we have had to change the way we do things (can't go wakeboarding with a new born, your body would never forgive you lol) But it hasn't stopped us completely.

A few weeks ago me and Ryan thought we would brave it and take Eva on her first camping trip. We are heading to Fraser Island for new year so this was a trail run. We thought we would go with a little bit of luxury and hire a camper trailer. It was so much fun! Eva embraced the whole thing and it was pretty much stress free. Apart from get bogged in the sand because the trailer weighed so much! 

So we thought ok let's go back to basics and get a tent. I was dubious, putting up a tent with a 6 month old was going to be hard work! Then tada came the Coleman 8 man pop up tent, which I kid you not takes 2 minutes to set up! And Ryan can do it all by himself! 

 So last weekend we ventured up to Inskip, what a beautiful spot! I got to take Eva for walks on the beach while Ryan set up our tent. Eva got to play in the sand, which she loves and I got to watch the sunset (one of my favourite things) 
The weekend was so nice and relaxing. When Eva fell asleep in the evening me and Ryan got me and Ryan time again. It felt like we were talking to each other for the first time since Eva had been born. Little things you take for granted. 

I never thought I would take a baby out to stradbroke island on our boat, but we did it and she loved it! It made me realize how much my priorities have changed! I used to love drinking and dancing and dealing with the hangover the next day. Where as now I love family time. Going out and exploring with Eva, showing her new things and getting to do it with Ryan. 

Having a baby doesn't completely restrict how you live your life it just makes the little things more exciting and the bigger things more of a challenge, and who doesn't love a challenge.

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