Monday, 2 July 2018

Big Scary Decisions

 So 2018 has been a pretty eventful year for me and my little family.

It started with us seeing the new year in at Fraser island which was incredible. Such a beautiful island with crystal clear lakes, dingos, snakes and far to many goannas!

Then we made the biggest decision ever and decided we were going to pack up our lives in Australia (where we had just spent the last four years) to move back to the UK.

Before I had Eva I was pretty certain my life in Australia was perfect and that I was settled for good, but having a baby opens your eyes up to what is important and to me and Ryan that is Family.

Both our families are in the UK (or a short flight to the south of France) and after about three months I really started to struggle with the fact that Eva wouldn't know her English family. I also started to feel very lonely. Yes I have a beautiful baby girl but I didn't have the support of my mum or many other friends who had babies that I could socialise with.

So me and Ryan talked about it and ummmed and ermmmed about what to do and we finally made the decision to go 'home'

The next hardest thing we had to do was to tell our Australian 'family' who we spent the majority of our time with since we moved to Australia. This was extra tough because Eva was also a big part of their lives. But I honestly believe we struck a friendship with them that will last for a lifetime even if we are opposite sides of the world.

So then March 12th came and we said our goodbyes and departed Brisbane and headed to London.
The first thing I remember (or should I say I forgot about) was the cold haha! It took us a while to get over the jet lag and get ourselves into a routine, but I have a job that I love, Ryan has one with great benefits and Eva is settled into nursery.

The best thing is the Eva knows who her Nanny's and Granddad's are and all other members of our family. She is settled and happy and no longer a baby, she just turned 19 months and is a little girl now who copies everything you say and is always smiling.

We miss our Australian family everyday and of course the lifestyle we had there. But for me seeing the people myself and Ryan grew up being apart of our baby girls life is so precious that I know we made the right decision. 

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